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Telescopes Direct want to help you see the world around you in a better way! Optical equipment can enable you to study the wonders of the universe, give you a closer perspective on the world around you and get you closer to the action!

We are proud to feature Celestron and Barska, makers of high quality and well-known optical equipment for any occasion.

View our ranges of refractor, reflector and cassegrain telescopes, spotting scopes, and binoculars. Discover new things and enhance what you can see with Telescopes Direct!

About Telescopes Direct
  • Perfect gift
    Bought the Firstscope Telescope for my nephew's birthday (10yo) and he loves it!
  • Fantastic first telescope
    I brought this telescope for my daughters 8th birthday. She absolutely loves her telescope. Delivery was super fast too. Thank you :-)
    Esther Bell
    Gold Coast
  • Accessory Kit
    Excellent value. Recently bought a small Newtonian reflector but it only had a 20mm eyepiece and 3x Barlow , still amazing what you can see but with the 12.5mm and 6mm it has become far more versatile at a reasonable cost.
  • Perfect gift
    The delivery for this item was quick (4-5 days) considering it was FREE (I don't know how they do that!). This is my first telescope, yes that's right, I started with this scope! Because I was a newbie there were things about this I was impressed with and things I was disappointed with. I was disappointed that the scope only comes with a car chord and not a wall power supply (sold separately of course), I actually had to make a power supply up to get it to work on the first night. I also came with one 40mm eyepiece, so no zoomy zoomy on the first night I got it. Also the fact that the only chord that connects from a computer to the scope to use the software is a RS-232 port connector (this is not common on most new laptops) but there is a usb to RS-232 converter (sold separately of course). Apart from that this is an impressive telescope and the clarity is amazing. The clarity goes the more you zoom in but I'm pretty sure that is more that fact that I am just viewing from my back yard in a well lit city, I have yet to test it out in a non light polluted environment. The price that I got it for from Telescopes Direct what the best I have seen anywhere ($3,199). I still have so much to lean with this new hobby of mine but I am extremely happy with it so far.
    Danny Poole